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“We find new paths for organizational puzzels and solutions with an impact. This, by combining analytic thinking with systemic thinking. Our coaching and consultancy work hits the right chord on different organizational levels and tells strong customer journeys”

Sjoerd de Vries

Systemic work creates impact, allowing you to see the interconnected nature of the systems in and out side your organization, allowing you to lead on more communication levels

Systemic work runs through our veins as it has the last 61 years. So does our belief that systemic work is truly successful in the boardroom of organizations as well in teams.

Systemic coaching makes your organization or team identity clear. Not uglier or more beautiful. It makes you see better what is there, here and now. From there we work closely with you and your team to find new solutions that makes the best use of market and communication opportunities.

We are a committed team of systemic experts who work with a rock-solid partner network.

We are experienced as strategic experts and have worked on team-,  management- and board level. We combine our analytic- and systemic skills 

Together we guarantee that your work and communication becomes more meaningful and effective.

Interested in how we can increase the impact of your work?

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